Magnolian InvestCo LLP is an Investment Advisory firm Co-owned and Peer managed by a group of fellow MAC (Magnolias, Aralias, Camellias) Owners and Residents. MAGIC is co-owned by 24 Peers and the partner list includes highly recognizable and respected list of achievers and domain experts.

MAGiC sources, processes and structures Domestic and International private investments (in Debt and Equity). Once invested, MAGiC also manages the investee relationship and performance, and assists in smooth exit and distribution of invested capital and returns to Investors.

MAGiC IS NOT A FUND.  Each investment is in a distinct Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and investors have full discretion in making or abstaining from an investment.

MAGIC seek to create alpha, or returns that exceed those of the market on a risk-adjusted basis. Keys to our success include gaining a deep understanding of our fund partners, extreme due diligence and comprehensive know-how of our investment team that consists of experienced industry experts. We provide our selected group of investors with a range of Private Equity investments across different sectors.